Hello, I’m Fred

I am a software engineer currently based in Vienna, Austria. I prefer to focus on Linux application and system development using C, C++ or Rust and I have a strong passion towards designing software around correctness and performance.

I am currently a member of the team developing PowerDNS at Open-Xchange.

Previously, I worked as a member of the team developing the Sulong LLVM Runtime for GraalVM at Oracle.

Before that, I worked on symbolic execution of Java and Go, developed solutions to automate the analysis of RF engine models at Intel and worked on research in high performance computing for PRACE.

Open Source Projects

Katoob C++ Gtkmm Meson Build System
A lightweight, multilingual, bidirectional and unicode-aware text editor with some unique features like multipress and online dictionary lookup.

libcore C POSIX GNU Make
C library with better interfaces to some of POSIX's string manipulation, buffering, networking and file-system access functions.

libmake GNU Make
A pure GNU Make library to ease the building of C/C++ applications in different modes. Supports Clang, GCC and sanitization builds.

TVrank Rust Reqwest
A very fast library and application to rank movies and series. Achieves its speed by being multi-threaded.

A Rust attribute macro to rate-limit function execution. The use-case is rate-limiting web service requests. Works correctly in multi-threaded contexts.

MedViz Rust Graphics
Extract 2D images from 3D volumetric data. Can extract any requested slice through the X, Y and Z-axis.

HAS and Hackism Rust Assembly HACK
Assembler and disassembler for the educational HACK machine.

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